Rogue In The Void is a upcoming science-fiction roguelike with deep tactical gameplay paired with beautiful 3d graphics.
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Work In Progress
This game is currently under development and in a very early phase - anything can change. A release is planned in the second half of 2018. Please check back regularly or subscribe to the newsletter below.

The Game

Discover the fate of a space station deep inside the void in which something terrible happened. Hack terminals, loot items, fight through hordes of enemies and ultimately try to escape the horror. But always remember that death is permanent...

The 4 pillars of roguelikes

A Roguelike is usually described as a turn-based computer game with a strong focus on intricate gameplay and replayability.


Tired of all the action roguelites? This is a classic game with turn-based gameplay, take your time for decision making!

This is where you think and don't react!


No more slowly peeking around corners hoping that the enemy ai can't see you. A grid like in board games makes decisions easier, ai stronger and gameplay faster.

Grids are for you!


When games utilize permadeath every action has consequences since you can't rely on quicksave / quickload. Once you have died you have to start over.

Hate it or like it, you have to deal with it!


Want to replay? Each time you start a new game the experience will be different due to procedural content generation.

Starting over never felt so good!


Beside the core roguelike features we have other things to show, with more to come in the future...

A Overarching Antagonist. He is watching every step.

In this game you are never alone. You can hide, but not forever.


Procedural Environment. Try for yourself.

Every game is a new experience; no chance to memorize level layouts.


Beautiful Graphics. It'll blow your mind.

Discover beautiful yet performance friendly 3d environments. We focus on not having too much detail so that your imagination can take control.


Tactical Combat.Enjoy it.

You have the choice. Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns and much more at your disposable. Use Grenades when needed, hack turrets if you like. Switch ammunition types to make the maximum out of your weapons!


Keep Informed

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All of these screenshots are taken from pre-alpha footage and are subject to change.


The Team

Currently the team behind Rogue In The Void consists of 2 people.

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Michael Dürwald


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Janina Olejniczak